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So, who are Signify Media?

Digital Media
Website Developer
Marketing Assistants

Signify Media are a Digital Creative Media Group, based in Sowerby Bridge, West Yorkshire.

Our team have over 8 years of experience within the Digital Creative Media trade, and also have qualifications within this field of work.

Signify Media launched it’s brand in August of 2019, after a very successful run as Flex Media Group, but due to some personal issues, the team decided to re-brand as Signify Media. The business itself has been established since January of 2017, and is fully registered in the UK.

Where it all started.

3 years in the making.

Signify Media first launched in January of 2017 as Flex Media Group, and has since then become the business it is today, with various clients across the West Yorkshire Region, including Parkinsons UK

Signify Media is under the management of Mark Davison, a former student at Calderdale College, studying a Level 3 Diploma in Digital Creative Media from 2016 – 2018.

This course has helped Mark and the team to progress.

Our plans for 2020?

We’re still looking into this!

We’re looking into a business location, which will allow our team to work within an office environment, as well as a studio work space for future clients.

As it stands, we’re currently gathering funding for an office space, so it may take some time.

From an on-going business standpoint, once we do succeed in gathering a studio / office work space, we will eventually look at renting out equipment to other aspiring photographers & creators in this region, but again, this can take time due to money / saving.

Mark D.

Company Director

Josh B.

Film Director

Jake C.

Record Label

Ryan R.

Support Guy

Our Team.

Here’s the team behind the Signify Brand.

We’re not currently hiring, but once we do start recruiting, we will be sure to let you know via the website.